Total Fluid Solution

At the top of our Taylor Service Funnel, we begin with a site assessment designed to identify best practices along with improvement opportunities. This leads to an initial overview of you operations and helps us identify what steps are needed to make it world class.

Next, we implement an oil analysis program designed to maximize the productivity of your equipment. From general spectrometry to varnish potential colorimetric testing, treating of machinery fluid criteria is vital.

In addition, TEI implements hydraulic reliability studies. Hydraulics are the main application in industry.  Understanding the functionality of the current state of hydraulic units in relation to a World Class regime is the focus.  Critically classification of the equipment is paramount to establishing a World Class Lubrication Regime.

Taylor Enterprises is proud to offer oil recycling, also known as fluid filtration, as a part of our complete fluid program. As one of the top fluid filtration programs in South Carolina and North Carolina, the results speak for themselves.


“We were experiencing excessive downtime and increased scrap rates. Taylor helped us establish an oil analysis program to highlight current oil conditions. Based on these results, we were able to take corrective action, and improve our current practices.”