Pennzoil Distributor

Taylor Enterprises is a proud distributor of Pennzoil throughout North and South Carolina and across the Southeastern region of the United States.

Pennzoil® has experienced considerable growth in the fast lube channel within the past year, and we are proud to be a distributor, working in North Carolina, South Carolina, and around the Southeast. As a valued distributor, we want to keep you informed on awards and accolades in our industry.


pennzoil distributor north carolina

Pennzoil was named:

·         Best Selling Motor Oil in Fast Lubes – First Pennzoil 26% (in 2014 Pennzoil was at 22%) second Valvoline and Mobil at 12%

·         Best Selling Synthetic Motor Oil in Fast Lubes – Mobil 22% (was 36% in 2014),  second Pennzoil 21% (Pennzoil 17% in 2014), third Valvoline 13%

We will continue to represent high quality brands, like Pennzoil, and help you stay informed and equipped to make the best decisions for your oil distribution needs.