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Whether finding the right gear lubricant, grease, or hydraulic fluid, Taylor can assist you in choosing the right product.

Hydraulic Fluid

Surging pressures in pumps and valves can increase metal-to-metal contact and lead to accelerated wear unless they are protected by clean, high quality antiwear hydraulic oils. As hydraulic pressures increase over 1000 psi, the need for antiwear protection increases proportionally.

Products: Tellus S4 Synthetic, Tellus S3 Synthetic,Tellus S2, Shell S1

Gear Lubricants

Gear Lubricants are used to keep the gear systems at a cool temperature while clearing the system of any debris and unwanted particles, and are important for the care and maintenance of your gear systems. Without the layer of protection that gear lubricants provide, the gear systems would experience extreme wear and costly damage leading to catastrophic failure. Gear lubricants are also used to keep gear systems working quietly. They add a layer of protection that not only helps prevent damage, but it also keeps the noise from the system to a minimum.

Products: Spirax S6(and  S5,S4,S3,S2,S1), Omala S6 (and S5,S4,S3,S2,S1)


Your machinery’s components operate at a variety of speeds and temperatures, demanding specific lubricant viscosities for specific applications.

Products: Gadus S5 Synthetic, Gadus S4 Synthetic, Gadus S3, Gadus S2, Gadus S1

Metal Working Fluid and Coolants

We offer a full line metalworking oils and coolants that protect critical machine parts and extend the life of valuable tools and equipment. They are formulated to cover all metalworking requirements. We also offer a series of specialty and custom metalworking fluids and a series of associated way oils designed to meet the critical lubrication demands for the slides and ways of machine tools.


Houghton: HOUCUT, Macron, Dasco, Adrana, Garia, Fenella

Fuchs: Cassida


Food Grade Lubricants

All  Lubricating Oils FM and FM Greases conform to U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements of lubricants with incidental food contact. They are also certified Kosher and Pareve, and are accepted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in Registered Plants.

Product: Belray Food Grade