Automotive Oil Distributor South Carolina

engine-editTaylor Enterprises is proud of the partnerships they have created over the years by providing only the products that best match each customer’s unique needs. More than merely an oil distributor in South Carolina, TEI provides high quality products for all your automotive needs.


Automotive Engine Oil

Properly lubricating the inside of a automotive engine requires more than just creating a protective film. Quality engine oils must also control sludge and withstand high temperatures to extend your engine’s life.


Pennzoil: PZL Platinum Synthetic, PZL Ultra Platinum Synthetic, PZL Gold, PZL Conventional, PZL High Mileage Vehicle

Quaker State: QS Ultimate DURA Synthetic, QS Enhanced DURA Synthetic Blend, QS Advanced DURA

Formula Shell: FS Synthetic, FS Conventional, FS High Mileage Vehicle


Effective coolants are vital to optimizing performance and extending engine life. Our patented organic corrosion inhibitors eliminate the need for supplemental coolant additives and improve hardware performance and heat transfer over the life of your engine.


Shellzone MV ELC

Shellzone Green


Filters provide protection against harmful contaminants getting into your engine.  The proper filter coupled with the correct engine oil will help protect your engine.


Pennzoil Filters

Performax Filters