Oil Recycling in South Carolina

Taylor Enterprises was proud to introduce the green technology of oil recycling, also known as “fluid filtration” as early as 1995. After two decades of providing oil recycling as a key part of our Total Fluid Solution, we are proud to announce that it has been successful on every level.

First, if you are not familiar with automotive oil recycling, let’s define it. Oil recycling, also known as fluid reclamation, is a process that removes water, dirt and fragments from oil in order to clean it for reuse.

At Taylor, we focus on industrial oils such as hydraulic and metal working oils in our program.

First, it benefits the plants or factories who use hydraulic fluid on a regular basis.

Second, fluid filtration benefits the environment.

Third, fluid filtration benefits the machinery and the workers who run those machines.

Take a look at the before and after photos from a recent oil recycling run.


Oil Recycling South Carolina Before











Oil Recycling South Carolina After









For more information about our Total Fluid Solution including oil recycling, check out our Taylor Enterprise Information page or e-mail customerservice@teifms.com.

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